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Here's what Critics are saying about

Taylor's Performances

Bat Boy: The Musical


“Ross is her generation's Kristen Chenoweth with a natural luminosity and pureness, a big talent wrapped in a tiny bundle.”

– Sherry Shameer Cohen, Broadway World

Urinetown The Musical


"...while Taylor Lane Ross all but steals the show as Little Sally."

-Alan Ilagan,


"And Ross impressed as Little Sally, completing the trifecta of excellent performers I have seen play this urchin. Both women had a good understanding of what librettist/lyrcist Greg Kotis and Hollman had in mind when he wrote these parts...Ultimately, I was satisfied by the talent and energy of McHatton, Doyle, Ross, Hinen, and Christopher, along with a strong effort by Teich, and the strong storyline and musical score. "

- Gail M. Burns, Berkshire on Stage and Screen





"The cast members all dazzled, especially Taylor Ross as Tracy and Marlin Jamar Williams dancing up a storm as Seaweed."

– Robert Digitale, Digitale Stories



Fatty Fatty No Friends


“The inventive set is drawn on reversible sheets held up by performers, and the ensemble is perfectly despicable." 

– Sarah Andrews,  Time Out NY, Critics Pick

"...the songs (the show is almost entirely sung-thru) feature complex melodic and counterpoint lines, featuring some impressive choral harmonizing and staccato wordplay by the incredibly able young ensemble."

-Teddt Nicholas, NYTheater Now

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