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Here's what people are saying about Taylor

I had the pleasure of working with Taylor for a  year and a half. She brings a depth of experience and an intuition that is well beyond what you might expect in her career stage. I was impressed with Taylor’s ability to easily develop new and positive relationships with board members and donors. I would recommend Taylor for positions with increasing responsibility around relationship development, management, and fundraising. Taylor is a rising star in the field, and one I am certainly keeping an eye on.

– Michael Barker, Managing Director of Westport Country Playhouse



"Thanks again and you have renewed my faith in the warehouse!...You are the best, tho:)" 

-Barbara Glover, a member of St. Ann's Warehouse 


 " ... Taylor continues to impress me with her knowledge of the performing arts and her passion to learn every aspect of the entertainment industry..."

– Sherry Shameer Cohen, Linked In Review

 " You are the best!"

– Debbie Ziesmer, a member of St. Ann's Warehouse 

 " I'm so glad there is a St. Ann's Warehouse, and especially so, that there is a Taylor. Thanks so very much for all the ways you've been so helpful to me, and way beyond the call of duty, bringing me the Oklahoma! playbills. I am so appreciative!"

– Mandana Chaffa, a member of St. Ann's Warehouse 

 " I have to say, you are doing such a great job.  I've never received such good customer service from your predecessors. I almost always felt I was purchasing tickets in spite of the attitude.  I really appreciate yours!"

– Sheilagh Weymouth, a member of St. Ann's Warehouse 

 " You and your excellent attention to detail will be sorely missed by all of us at Fidelity"

– Alison Cross Corporate sponsor for

Westport Country Playhouse

"You have been great to work with and I know you will continue to succeed in the NY arena! 

– Judy Phares, Board Member of Westport Country Playhouse



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